Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a European megahit

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a European megahit

Nintendo has been waiting a long time with a bomb offer for 2018. The Japanese have offered a few strong games over the past months, but it’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is one of the productions for which because of this year’s catalog we recommend you to familiarize yourself with the Nintendo Switch. It’s a fight overloaded with content.

You have them all? How you earn

Name Super Smash Bros. Ultimate can be divided into two specific and reflects the meaning of all product elements. We have here the typical Super Smash Bros. that is, beat ‚ em up in rather unusual conditions, which, however, has success after success on the next Nintendo consoles. The second link of the name already refers to the content itself, as the Japanese offered the most extensive game from the universe. The name is almost complete.

You have them all? How you earnBefore I grab your heads and plunge them into the wreckage of this huge content, I have to explain one thing – the Foundation of the newest Nintendo cover is not any revolution compared to previous views. Again on the map there are several players who have health counters, and their filling makes it easier to throw the enemy out of the arena. For some, this is very good news, for others-dark, because it is because of the non-standard approach to the duel, not everyone can lose themselves in the proposal. However, if you belong to this big group that swallows the Nintendo concept without the ashes, then drop all the duties and run to the shops is what you’ve been waiting for.

Probably most of our readers have heard about the dizzying number of 74 fighters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The creators did not lie, throwing into production the immensity of heroes, but at the start we get only eight fighters. What about others? They need work. This is a fantastic idea, which reminded me of my childhood and unlock a consistent fighters in Tekken. Fortunately, this time I don’t need to repeat this process due to the lack of „memorki”-no doubt the developers could use the delicious, directly addictive play element.

The game encourages subsequent sessions, during which we have the opportunity to increase the set of characters, and it is necessary to hint that the unlock of the following characters is carried out in several ways – after the victory of the opponent in full-length mode, after the completion of the classic Smash mode, from time to time, even after the end of the match, we remain wyzwani opponent, and victory in this match will increase the library of personalities. I understand that not everyone will like this idea, although we must admit that the developers have cleverly prepared a mechanics Super Smash Bros. Ultimate overview that goes well with all modes.

Nintendo games only played by the Japanese? Nothing further from the truth

Nintendo games only played by the Japanese? Nothing further from the truthThe list is huge and overloaded with great fighters. „Ultimate” includes all the experts from fooling around with faces from previous views, so we can play, among other things, Mario, Mewtwo, Foxa, Samus, donkey Kong, Zeldę, Lucas, Pac-Man, Captain Falcon, Roy, Lavash, Shulka, Clouda, Bayonettę, Ryu, Snake’a or Sonic… And among the new identities you are, by the way, Dark Samus, Simon, Ken, Inkling, Isabella or „king-size” K. Roola, Ridley and even Incineroara. Not all fall into the Taste of Kowalski, and the next will not please the squire, but one thing is for sure – in the whole mass of 74 warriors you will find at least a dozen, which will play with blissful pleasure.

Here, each has its own unique style, characterized by a series of strengths and weaknesses, so that during the game we learn to use the positive and avoid these negative, but the fun lasts and lasts. And when we are tired? We take one, the other, and the other. I already have some caveats about balance, because curbing such a palette isn’t the easiest, but the creators intend to respond to community suggestions.

A similar amount can be determined by observing the total manufacturer area-96 returned and, at the same time, upiększonych platzkart and seven new arenas-these are numbers that are simply impressive. At the same time, I know that the maps are not the most important of their wide range, and in this case, their quality-here every place can surprise the implementation or active elements. As a result, during the game tired fingers, controlling the main character in areas among other things, from the following universes: Pokemon, Bayonetta, Final Fantasy, Earth, Metroid, the Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, Tomodachi, Nintendo And not you, of course, you can forget about the cult of Mario.

The plot in the fight? A few hours!

The plot in the fight? A few hours!Sites live-move, there are new products, often literally change and as a result on a small screen console or TV with a large screen, we met a palette of beautiful colors. Well, it’s not the most beautiful fighting game of this generation, but the name has its own unique style, which pleases the eye, because – the concept of matches assumptions – in the end, during one fight can compete with him eight characters from different worlds. In addition, the authors are not confused, creating a soundtrack, as for the production dropped more than 800 songs-songs correspond to the characters, so you will hear the sounds of many rozpalających fire in your hearts names. Magic!

Now every good fighting game should have a story mode, so Nintendo decided to create a world of light. This is a completely new version of the game, in which all the characters will be careful because of the bad power, but only Kirby disappeared. „Pink ball”, „walking vacuum cleaner” or „Swallow” became the main hero of the adventure, during which we have the opportunity to move around the huge map and participate in dozens of fights.

When the dial-on-one with the damned, we can in a simple way, to unlock the cover murder, for example, Nessowi your friend will join our heroes and later we can operate in all the other variants. The developers probably did not understand that the running around the location and obijanie opponents tired of even the biggest fanatics Smasha, so we decided, interestingly, a variety of entertainment – in the game we collect „Spirits”. Special heroes we can compare with pokémon, but we have no way to put them in battle, although we can reap a handful of their stats. Spirits get levels, become stronger, at the same time the player gets access to three additional „cards” that allow him to improve some details.

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