Nvidia Shield TV is a media streaming box that does so much more

Nvidia Shield TV is a media streaming box that does so much more

Movies, TV series, music and games are all that we can broadcast from the Internet. Nvidia believes that the new Shield is the best that most versatile device about such a purpose. After launching at CES, I went to Munich, where I had the opportunity to spend some time with the equipment, test it at home and ask around about a few major issues.

New remote control and new controller

New remote control and new controllerNvidia’s meeting with journalists, held in Munich, was organized with proper interior design. Instead of a mini-conference, we met in a room designed to resemble living conditions. Large living room with large and comfortable sofa surrounded by 5.1 sound system. In the center of attention, of course, was the TV and connected to it two copies of the device.

Regarding the first model of Shield TV, the new basic version (not equipped with a hard drive) is a lot, because it is 40% less. Nvidia has confirmed my assumptions about the numerous user requests to reduce the size of the console. Additional devices in the TV area should not pay attention to themselves, but simply fulfill their role and become invisible. In the case of Shield TV, however, we are not dealing with the typical kanciastym design (for example, Amazon Fire TV or Apple TV), and the characteristic (though almost identical) design and thin green backlight.

In the second approach, Nvidia has implemented user requests, so complete with the remote control, we will replace conventional batteries, rather than connect it to charge. If having a 3.5 mm Jack headphone Jack was important to you, then unfortunately I have bad news – the new remote is devoid of it. With Nvidia relations shows that it did not enjoy too much popularity, so it was expected that the increase in battery life, along with the increase in the size of the remote will be obtained positively. And in fact, using the remote is more convenient, and the battery does not have to be changed more often than once every few months. Nvidia Shield TV is a media streaming box that does so much more. Unfortunately, I am one of those who incredibly appreciate the opportunity to ascend, headphones, so despite their shortcomings will remain a supporter of the first version.

There were definitely more changes for the controller. Its design is completely updated, it is not so stocky, which is certainly more convenient, holding it in your hands. With remote borrowed touch panel that allows you to adjust the volume level, which replaced the classic button “+” and “ – ” and capacitive buttons “back” and “home screen” is replaced by physical keys. Moved them below eye level, allowing you to fully comfortably delve into their side with your thumb at any time. Rest assured, the new pad didn’t say goodbye to the headphone Jack.

New features, new software

New features, new softwareNvidia Shield TV this year has the same specification as the previous version. Of course, there may be objections about being out of date components, but the truth is that Shield TV has overtaken the competition, just a few steps and have not noticed the need for technical changes. This confirms my meeting with two copies of the new Shield TV, which for a minute did not refuse to cooperate. The only problem was external access to the Internet.

The Nvidia device itself didn’t make a wybrakowanego impression in terms of computing power, and aside from streaming video in 4K, we played several streamowanych titles from the network and the computer nearby. A wired connection is used and this is recommended for maximum bandwidth, but if you have a high shelf router, no cable connection is required.

The most important features of the new Shield TV are full support for 4K resolution, support for HDR10 and Dolby Atmos, and the availability of Amazon Video applications. Nvidia has worked closely with Jeff Bezosa to bring this app to the trafiającym device on Monday to market, and so far the only equipment of this type that has an official Amazon Prime Video app. Previously, it also appeared on TV with Android TV from Sony, but in the segment of snacks Nvidia boasts writing.

Let’s play!

Let's play!Nvidia Shield TV is like a 3 in 1 device when it comes to gaming. The equipment will allow us to stream many titles from the network, thanks to the service GeForce Now will allow for mirror games from a computer with Nvidia system on the TV screen, and will launch the game dedicated Android TV platform. In addition to these common in the Google Play store are also preparing special editions dedicated only and exclusively to Shield TV – owned by M. in particular Half-Life.

Unlike the current available version of the software, the new version of the game view has been simplified, accuracy. Instead of sections dedicated to each of the services, we have a full list of games, regardless of the method of delivery to your device. This tells us a small PostScript on the icon of each of the names.

The game host during the show was the division from Ubisoft. Not without occasion, as Nvidia’s collaboration with Ubisoft will result in the appearance of most of the most important names in GeForce Now equally with their launch on other platforms. In addition, thanks to the support of Uplay available standard multiplayer mode, for example, in The Division.

However, I did not have the opportunity to play online with other players and learn how the updated architecture of the Nvidia cloud based on Pascale works in such conditions, but the usual game was completely without problems. I did not notice any delays in the transmission of images and sound, nor the reaction of the game to my actions. Visually, The Division got pretty good-the level of detail I would rate on average in addition to the scale of the fight. The most demanding players might be deterred by this fact, but when we are at the recommended distance from the TV screen, most people will have no reason to complain. Technical questions? 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second.

Equally good, and sometimes even a little better, by the way, the ability to stream games from your computer. Running on a PC Titanfall looked great and in this case I also didn’t notice any delays. The fruit of Nvidia’s partnership with Valve is the app… Steam convert on request Shield TV to Steam-Link. This way, we can play titles from the Steam library on a large screen, broadcasting them from a computer.

Thank you TV Shield Helper Google first gets on TV. We’ll talk to him, thanks to the built-in controller and remote mikrofonom, but the market will do well as a small accessory called Spot that allows you to put the Helper in any room in our house. Shield TV will collaborate with multiple Spot microphones, so no matter where we are, we can have access to an Assistant. It is worth adding that the microphone located on the site will work in hands-free mode, listening all the time (this can be turned off). Unfortunately, this one is not in the remote control anymore.

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