No Man's Sky NEXT Review

No Man’s Sky NEXT Review

NEXT is the largest content update in No Man’s Sky since the game’s release in 2016. The name introduces the long-awaited multiplayer mode, module almost unlimited capacity, fleet management frigates and dozens of other new products. There are so many changes that I started the game from scratch.

He immediately catches the eye of the third picture of the camera from the hand of the hero

The developers of No Man s Sky even changed the loading sequence of the mission, where the basics of survival are translated. Already in the first minutes of pleasure, the system teaches how to put buildings, as well as design portable machines. For example, a compact refinery can change the properties of raw materials. This gives an additional depth of collection and extraction of materials. Being at raw materials, behind them the standing system is completely modeled. The presence of many elements, you need to learn again.

He immediately catches the eye of the third picture of the camera from the hand of the heroPreviously, players only used FPP mode. Avatar is now we can freely edit, visit “the locker room” at the space stations. We choose not only from the garments, but also the available breeds. Want to play as a droid hunter? Any problem. The developers promise that new items of clothing will appear along with temporary social problems. Their first batch will be in the game any minute.

The new uniform is so important that the NMS has finally visited multiplayer mode. You need to show. The game, however, is not an MMO in the Elite Dangerous style. It is very rare for another player to visit your world. Fortunately, it is possible to invite friends. Thanks to NEXT all the elements of the game can be played in co-op mode. Including fighting, exploration and performing solo and multiplayer missions.

The latter is a novelty, available from the level of the captain’s bridge. You don’t have a frigate yet? The better. Here is a wonderful adventure. Feel that the creators have modified the generator of the planets. The surfaces of celestial bodies, they are more interesting.

No Man’s Sky NEXT update – what’s new?

Procedurally generated zone has become much more saturated. More mountains and funnels. The mountains have become higher and the meadows will have more interactive elements to collect. Thicker forests, the deserts there are additional molecular effects, and on planets with high radiation, toxic fog and deaf. I was surprised when my character suddenly invaded a large shadow. This is a new system of volumetric clouds that move in real time. One of them, it temporarily blocked out the sun.

No Man's Sky NEXT update - what's new?Wandering around the planets is now much more objects and places to discover. In the game there are buried Alien technology, as well as treasures hidden deep underground. It happens that with our feet down we can find entire buildings that were once on the surface. this discovery makes an amazing impression. Just like the wreckage of large ships, but they are available in the NMS already from the previous update. For now for some of them you can enter.

Procedurally created lifeforms from the base game screamed „kill me.” Randomly generated cartoons lay for no apparent reason, inexorably reacting to the presence of the player. It’s past. Now space creatures are highly active on our actions. Most often they run away in a panic, but the part, obviously, shows interest and desire to interact. It’s great that the herd mechanism came into play. Animals of the same species stick together, pushing on water or pastures.

It looks good when suddenly the whole group of ungulates starts to run away from my crazy owner and his laser gun. Unfortunately, very clever breeds are still welded to their places. NPCs stand still and wait for the interaction with the player. I wonder if I’ll ever be able to see a smart alien traveling the planet hunting other space creatures. Maybe along with the next update…

Unfortunately, code optimization is still far from ideal

In the game there are more planets with their own rings and orbits full of asteroids. More celestial bodies are also very close to each other. Thanks to this, even walking on the surface of the planet you will see in the sky giant balls, which at any time you can fly. The breathtaking effect of two Tatooine suns is made of brick. The maximum range of No Man’s Sky NEXT Review vision has also improved, although this field can still be much, much better. Especially when we are talking about databases and debris.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to test the new control system of my own Armada yet. Now the player can have a collection of giant frigates with a unique destiny. The interior of each ship can be changed to some extent, and it became faster to move between the locks. I can’t wait to build my own fleet and go to the conquest of the next models. NMS creators know how to effectively hang a carrot in front of the player’s nose.

Unfortunately, code optimization is still far from idealNo Man’s Sky NEXT makes that PlayStation 4 Pro Boo console feel like I should have flown into space myself. The first thing to do in the settings is to disable the dynamic number of frames per second. Reducing to 30 fps isn’t impressive, but it’s already the best solution from radical performance spikes. On 30 frames the NMS also jerks, but a relatively comfortable gameplay becomes possible.

Traveling the planets still shows how the textures are changed to these higher quality ones. The range of accurate rendering of the environment is up to several meters. Later, the game begins to apply different, but too often visible to the naked eye tricks. It is a pity that Hello Games wepchało for NEXT-new environmental effects, as well as new graphical effects, but still not resolved the issue of liquidity. Bah! I feel like after the update the game is running less efficiently than before.

Maybe it is affected by the new construction system. Thanks to NEXT, players can build structures wherever they want, and the number of finished building materials has grown to several hundred variations. Radically raised the limits of the area and scope for the constructed complexes. No Man’s Sky is more and more like Minecraft, and I have nothing against It. Construction is a very important and very interesting aspect of the game. Especially when a large space greenhouse puts together with friends on the local network.

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