From Russia with love

From Russia with love

The first part of Metal Gear Solid players they without popitki from the place, throwing it on the pedestal of industry milestones. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty shared players who weren’t fully answered by the new hero and little-understood storyline, but it was still a brilliant title that proudly introduced the series to a new generation.

Enviroment change

Enviroment changeKojima that early took up the third part, to which he was so impatient that he decided to take it back to the PS2, despite the fact that initially assumed its następczynię as a target platform. In the three ambitions of this Lord was the creation of something a little different than the previous titles, and it happened.

The change was the environment, because pretty much the action of Metal Gear Solid 3 takes place in the Soviet jungle. Yes, a fully open space is something we haven’t seen in the series so far. Both the image and the audio sphere shout loudly in our face that we are dealing with an aggressive environment.

A few steps from the start of the gameplay and you suddenly land in a swamp that has it to itself that sucks us inside without asking your opinion. You leave the swamp after the first shock on a small island to relax from the impressions, and then jebut crocodile knocks you to the first floor. Around the birds chirping merrily, and treacherously green hides the whole range of fauna and flora. That’s not all, because snake is not changed into bear Grylls, and soon discover that the forest is patrolled well known to us guys in the battle with the kalahi and the trumpeters.

Graphics in Metal Gear Solid 3

Graphics in Metal Gear Solid 3The forest is unfortunately not a completely free space after which you can run in all directions because it is basically one path with a few smaller lower legs and unfortunately is interrupted from time to time by short loading screens. Kojimie and the company failed to jump over the PS2’s capabilities, but the graphics quality in Metal Gear Solid 3 is the first League. In the two previous games of the series, we basically ran all the time in the same places. Here, in turn, every step we open new territories, although it will come to us sometimes and enter 2 times in the same river. Metal Gear Solid could not exist without hangars, so that in the future largely fly after them Metal Gear Solid 3: From Russia with love.

An even bigger surprise kojima has prepared when it comes to the time frame of the game. So here is Metal Gear Solid 3 backtracking, us until 40 years relative to the first parts of, and until now this in chronological order, can be further is located part of. So for some, the shock may be the fact that we are controlling the snake again. Moreover, the madmen sent Kojim to use a time machine, but the solution is much more banal and rational.

Neither the time nor the place to tell the details of the story presented in this part, although a little hem I have to cancel. We’re in 1964. We start on a plane that will drop us into the Soviet jungle at any moment. Cold war to the fullest, and Soviet Russia armors with obvious purpose. To thwart at least some of their plans, which may allow even before the third world war, the Snake with a little help, should distract the scientist, who is the brain of the operation aimed at building a tank capable of launching nuclear missiles.

The differences

This time the plot is definitely a step back in regards to the second part, if at all it can be called that. Not so it turned out, confusing or, conversely, exaggerated. It’s a compact story that tracks, with eyes wide open, and that finally throws us to the ground and makes us look in a daze at the final letters. Thus, excited especially the tip in vain to look for in other productions. Absolutely first class and falls only in order to give honor to Kojima in gratitude for it.

The differencesIt seems to me that a little less cut-games in comparison with the previous parts, although, probably, there are also those for which this number will be further, is worthy of condemnation. The animation of the characters and their rich and detailed facial expressions just knock down. The only thing that can irritate is a slight mismatch of lip movements in the form of questions. Like what we have in the early ‚ 60s. this disappears the codec, and in its place there is a radio prototype.

There are no great differences, except that now during the dialogue we can see the photo of the interlocutor. Much less often people call us with every fart, and how they do it usually in order to hold a short and condensed conversation. The para medic recording the state of the game, in turn, likes to talk, but since she’s a passionate cinephile(or rather kojima), she bought me off the spot. Nice to listen to me as he talks about the movies that have today already half a century and more.

A familiar character, checked inventory, changed the arena of action, but in the plus, but something to me here, however, is not enough. Of course, in the upper right corner I do not see the radar, which will indicate to me the position of the enemy. I dig through options, call a friend, do 100 push-UPS, bake a poppy seed and nothing. Like he wasn’t there. I think maybe it someone of the Cossack, maybe it’s saving the us government, and then I realize that it’s 1964, and the radar will not be until the end of the game.

I won’t say I’m happy about it. I will say more, I was quite depressed. Unfortunately, you have to quickly shake and try to find a new situation. Instead, we were given a few gadgets, such as motion sensors or heat goggles. Origin won’t be easy, and it’s hard to adjust to a new way of doing things. The game certainly makes it more challenging and inconspicuous with a series of players, I would not recommend starting with this part. Often we will also rely on a sense of hearing, and the characteristic growing knocking on the floor will let us know that it is better not to lean out now. There’s another side to the coin, because the guards can hear us.


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