Does the child learn aggressive behavior in games?

Yes. A game that uses violence to be effective is a form of repetitive exercise. If you play many times, the natural consequence – in accordance with the theory of learning – is the acquisition of certain habits.

The gaming participant must make quick decisions, and their brutality, striving to annihilate the opponent, is rewarded. In this way, the child learns behavior patterns, not realizing that they are risky in real life.

The first computer game was created in 1952

Although the game environment is not real, the player gets used to such behaviors, and – when in a similar but real situation – it is easier for him to reach the habits he has acquired in the game, eg react to provocation with an aggressive word or a physical attack.

Learning about certain behaviors is also conducive to the fact that playing creates strong emotions, and these are conducive to adopting specific patterns. What can you offer your children instead of violence games?

If the child is already playing games containing violence, he should also receive alternative games – such as where he has the opportunity to help someone or free himself from oppression thanks to the help of others. It is good to provide the child with real competition, for example in sport.

The first computer game was created in 1952

Regardless of what competition it is, it is essential that rules apply to it. Even in sports involving the use of physical advantage, i.e. boxing, judo, karate or wrestling, there are rules according to which it wins.

Computer games – a threat or a boon?

The first computer game was created in 1952. It was an ordinary „Tic-tac-toe”. The real revolution began only over twenty years younger „PONG”. Today, computer games are popular all over the world, adults and children play them, movies and huge amounts of money are made from them. Some of the people who play and most of those who do not play wondered what computer games really are. They are innocent entertainment, or another industry?

The drug, or the next, the eleventh, muse (after nine ancient and film)? Are they a threat or a boon? My opinion is divided, like many others, I try to notice positive and negative aspects of everything. It has been proved that you can get addicted to computer games like you do to drugs.

Strategic games help us to develop other features

Narcotics, like drugs and alcohol, slowly and imperceptibly take over the life of the user, until they are completely overwhelmed. I will try to show in my argument that games can work similarly. On the other hand, computer games, as close to, for example, interactive film, also have advantages. I will also try to introduce them.

Strategic games help us to develop other features

The first argument in favor of computer games is the fact that they help shape the imagination and develop the mind. We will not move on to the next stage of a logical or adventure game without mental effort. An example of this is the recently popular game „The Sims”, where we play the „guardian angel” of a virtual man, the so-called sim, in the virtual world.

You have to take care of good living conditions of the sim, build a house and find friends, which requires a lot of effort and imagination. Caring for an artificial man shapes our management skills and helps to prepare for arranging one’s own life. Strategic games help us to develop other features.

The complicated and realistic game „Europa Universalis” expands our planning and strategic thinking abilities and enlarges our knowledge of history. Many people point to the brutality of games as a source of aggression in youth. They are partly right.

Often, the aggression of the hero of the game moves to the player. Many immature players think that if they are allowed to do something in the game, it is slow and in the real world. This actually leads to aggression – quarrels and even brawl among children. There are even fatal cases.

Our computer is becoming our world

An example of this is the behavior of a ten-year-old who was a fan of Pokemon. During the „duel” with another boy, he decided that he should set fire to the opponent at the moment. And he did it, as a result of which the victim died. This case of deadly fun is of course extreme.

Another argument for playing is that it is a pleasant and safe way to spend your free time. When it’s cold or raining outside, we prefer to play football on the monitor (in addition to Brazil, not friends from the neighboring housing estate).

Our computer is becoming our world

The game allows you to relax when we are tense and tired after a hard day. Computer games are definitely better than sitting in front of beer in the stairwell, which in many cases is the only alternative to boredom. The greatest danger that threatens us with computer games is the possibility of addiction.

It is often noticed that instead of a reasonable hour or two, we spent five or ten hours in front of the screen. Sometimes this situation can become the norm – this is the introduction to addiction. We begin to lose contact with reality and the environment. Our relationships with family and friends are disappearing.

Our computer is becoming our world. Without access to the computer, we feel nervous and unable to concentrate. Cases of addicts are sometimes shocking. A teenager from Great Britain, for 84 hours, did not eat, drink or sleep. He played only. He finished the game, but it was his last – the body did not endure exhaustion.

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