Nvidia Shield TV is a media streaming box that does so much more

Nvidia Shield TV is a media streaming box that does so much more

Movies, TV series, music and games are all that we can broadcast from the Internet. Nvidia believes that the new Shield is the best that most versatile device about such a purpose. After launching at CES, I went to Munich, where I had the opportunity to spend some time with the equipment, test it at home and ask around about a few major issues.

New remote control and new controller

New remote control and new controllerNvidia’s meeting with journalists, held in Munich, was organized with proper interior design. Instead of a mini-conference, we met in a room designed to resemble living conditions. Large living room with large and comfortable sofa surrounded by 5.1 sound system. In the center of attention, of course, was the TV and connected to it two copies of the device.

Regarding the first model of Shield TV, the new basic version (not equipped with a hard drive) is a lot, because it is 40% less. Nvidia has confirmed my assumptions about the numerous user requests to reduce the size of the console. Additional devices in the TV area should not pay attention to themselves, but simply fulfill their role and become invisible. In the case of Shield TV, however, we are not dealing with the typical kanciastym design (for example, Amazon Fire TV or Apple TV), and the characteristic (though almost identical) design and thin green backlight.

In the second approach, Nvidia has implemented user requests, so complete with the remote control, we will replace conventional batteries, rather than connect it to charge. If having a 3.5 mm Jack headphone Jack was important to you, then unfortunately I have bad news – the new remote is devoid of it. With Nvidia relations shows that it did not enjoy too much popularity, so it was expected that the increase in battery life, along with the increase in the size of the remote will be obtained positively. And in fact, using the remote is more convenient, and the battery does not have to be changed more often than once every few months. Nvidia Shield TV is a media streaming box that does so much more. Unfortunately, I am one of those who incredibly appreciate the opportunity to ascend, headphones, so despite their shortcomings will remain a supporter of the first version.

There were definitely more changes for the controller. Its design is completely updated, it is not so stocky, which is certainly more convenient, holding it in your hands. With remote borrowed touch panel that allows you to adjust the volume level, which replaced the classic button “+” and “ – ” and capacitive buttons “back” and “home screen” is replaced by physical keys. Moved them below eye level, allowing you to fully comfortably delve into their side with your thumb at any time. Rest assured, the new pad didn’t say goodbye to the headphone Jack.

New features, new software

New features, new softwareNvidia Shield TV this year has the same specification as the previous version. Of course, there may be objections about being out of date components, but the truth is that Shield TV has overtaken the competition, just a few steps and have not noticed the need for technical changes. This confirms my meeting with two copies of the new Shield TV, which for a minute did not refuse to cooperate. The only problem was external access to the Internet.

The Nvidia device itself didn’t make a wybrakowanego impression in terms of computing power, and aside from streaming video in 4K, we played several streamowanych titles from the network and the computer nearby. A wired connection is used and this is recommended for maximum bandwidth, but if you have a high shelf router, no cable connection is required.

The most important features of the new Shield TV are full support for 4K resolution, support for HDR10 and Dolby Atmos, and the availability of Amazon Video applications. Nvidia has worked closely with Jeff Bezosa to bring this app to the trafiającym device on Monday to market, and so far the only equipment of this type that has an official Amazon Prime Video app. Previously, it also appeared on TV with Android TV from Sony, but in the segment of snacks Nvidia boasts writing.

Let’s play!

Let's play!Nvidia Shield TV is like a 3 in 1 device when it comes to gaming. The equipment will allow us to stream many titles from the network, thanks to the service GeForce Now will allow for mirror games from a computer with Nvidia system on the TV screen, and will launch the game dedicated Android TV platform. In addition to these common in the Google Play store are also preparing special editions dedicated only and exclusively to Shield TV – owned by M. in particular Half-Life.

Unlike the current available version of the software, the new version of the game view has been simplified, accuracy. Instead of sections dedicated to each of the services, we have a full list of games, regardless of the method of delivery to your device. This tells us a small PostScript on the icon of each of the names.

The game host during the show was the division from Ubisoft. Not without occasion, as Nvidia’s collaboration with Ubisoft will result in the appearance of most of the most important names in GeForce Now equally with their launch on other platforms. In addition, thanks to the support of Uplay available standard multiplayer mode, for example, in The Division.

However, I did not have the opportunity to play online with other players and learn how the updated architecture of the Nvidia cloud based on Pascale works in such conditions, but the usual game was completely without problems. I did not notice any delays in the transmission of images and sound, nor the reaction of the game to my actions. Visually, The Division got pretty good-the level of detail I would rate on average in addition to the scale of the fight. The most demanding players might be deterred by this fact, but when we are at the recommended distance from the TV screen, most people will have no reason to complain. Technical questions? 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second.

Equally good, and sometimes even a little better, by the way, the ability to stream games from your computer. Running on a PC Titanfall looked great and in this case I also didn’t notice any delays. The fruit of Nvidia’s partnership with Valve is the app… Steam convert on request Shield TV to Steam-Link. This way, we can play titles from the Steam library on a large screen, broadcasting them from a computer.

Thank you TV Shield Helper Google first gets on TV. We’ll talk to him, thanks to the built-in controller and remote mikrofonom, but the market will do well as a small accessory called Spot that allows you to put the Helper in any room in our house. Shield TV will collaborate with multiple Spot microphones, so no matter where we are, we can have access to an Assistant. It is worth adding that the microphone located on the site will work in hands-free mode, listening all the time (this can be turned off). Unfortunately, this one is not in the remote control anymore.

No Man’s Sky NEXT Review

No Man’s Sky NEXT Review

NEXT is the largest content update in No Man’s Sky since the game’s release in 2016. The name introduces the long-awaited multiplayer mode, module almost unlimited capacity, fleet management frigates and dozens of other new products. There are so many changes that I started the game from scratch.

He immediately catches the eye of the third picture of the camera from the hand of the hero

The developers of No Man s Sky even changed the loading sequence of the mission, where the basics of survival are translated. Already in the first minutes of pleasure, the system teaches how to put buildings, as well as design portable machines. For example, a compact refinery can change the properties of raw materials. This gives an additional depth of collection and extraction of materials. Being at raw materials, behind them the standing system is completely modeled. The presence of many elements, you need to learn again.

He immediately catches the eye of the third picture of the camera from the hand of the heroPreviously, players only used FPP mode. Avatar is now we can freely edit, visit “the locker room” at the space stations. We choose not only from the garments, but also the available breeds. Want to play as a droid hunter? Any problem. The developers promise that new items of clothing will appear along with temporary social problems. Their first batch will be in the game any minute.

The new uniform is so important that the NMS has finally visited multiplayer mode. You need to show. The game, however, is not an MMO in the Elite Dangerous style. It is very rare for another player to visit your world. Fortunately, it is possible to invite friends. Thanks to NEXT all the elements of the game can be played in co-op mode. Including fighting, exploration and performing solo and multiplayer missions.

The latter is a novelty, available from the level of the captain’s bridge. You don’t have a frigate yet? The better. Here is a wonderful adventure. Feel that the creators have modified the generator of the planets. The surfaces of celestial bodies, they are more interesting.

No Man’s Sky NEXT update – what’s new?

Procedurally generated zone has become much more saturated. More mountains and funnels. The mountains have become higher and the meadows will have more interactive elements to collect. Thicker forests, the deserts there are additional molecular effects, and on planets with high radiation, toxic fog and deaf. I was surprised when my character suddenly invaded a large shadow. This is a new system of volumetric clouds that move in real time. One of them, it temporarily blocked out the sun.

No Man's Sky NEXT update - what's new?Wandering around the planets is now much more objects and places to discover. In the game there are buried Alien technology, as well as treasures hidden deep underground. It happens that with our feet down we can find entire buildings that were once on the surface. this discovery makes an amazing impression. Just like the wreckage of large ships, but they are available in the NMS already from the previous update. For now for some of them you can enter.

Procedurally created lifeforms from the base game screamed „kill me.” Randomly generated cartoons lay for no apparent reason, inexorably reacting to the presence of the player. It’s past. Now space creatures are highly active on our actions. Most often they run away in a panic, but the part, obviously, shows interest and desire to interact. It’s great that the herd mechanism came into play. Animals of the same species stick together, pushing on water or pastures.

It looks good when suddenly the whole group of ungulates starts to run away from my crazy owner and his laser gun. Unfortunately, very clever breeds are still welded to their places. NPCs stand still and wait for the interaction with the player. I wonder if I’ll ever be able to see a smart alien traveling the planet hunting other space creatures. Maybe along with the next update…

Unfortunately, code optimization is still far from ideal

In the game there are more planets with their own rings and orbits full of asteroids. More celestial bodies are also very close to each other. Thanks to this, even walking on the surface of the planet you will see in the sky giant balls, which at any time you can fly. The breathtaking effect of two Tatooine suns is made of brick. The maximum range of No Man’s Sky NEXT Review vision has also improved, although this field can still be much, much better. Especially when we are talking about databases and debris.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to test the new control system of my own Armada yet. Now the player can have a collection of giant frigates with a unique destiny. The interior of each ship can be changed to some extent, and it became faster to move between the locks. I can’t wait to build my own fleet and go to the conquest of the next models. NMS creators know how to effectively hang a carrot in front of the player’s nose.

Unfortunately, code optimization is still far from idealNo Man’s Sky NEXT makes that PlayStation 4 Pro Boo console feel like I should have flown into space myself. The first thing to do in the settings is to disable the dynamic number of frames per second. Reducing to 30 fps isn’t impressive, but it’s already the best solution from radical performance spikes. On 30 frames the NMS also jerks, but a relatively comfortable gameplay becomes possible.

Traveling the planets still shows how the textures are changed to these higher quality ones. The range of accurate rendering of the environment is up to several meters. Later, the game begins to apply different, but too often visible to the naked eye tricks. It is a pity that Hello Games wepchało for NEXT-new environmental effects, as well as new graphical effects, but still not resolved the issue of liquidity. Bah! I feel like after the update the game is running less efficiently than before.

Maybe it is affected by the new construction system. Thanks to NEXT, players can build structures wherever they want, and the number of finished building materials has grown to several hundred variations. Radically raised the limits of the area and scope for the constructed complexes. No Man’s Sky is more and more like Minecraft, and I have nothing against It. Construction is a very important and very interesting aspect of the game. Especially when a large space greenhouse puts together with friends on the local network.

From Russia with love

From Russia with love

The first part of Metal Gear Solid players they without popitki from the place, throwing it on the pedestal of industry milestones. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty shared players who weren’t fully answered by the new hero and little-understood storyline, but it was still a brilliant title that proudly introduced the series to a new generation.

Enviroment change

Enviroment changeKojima that early took up the third part, to which he was so impatient that he decided to take it back to the PS2, despite the fact that initially assumed its następczynię as a target platform. In the three ambitions of this Lord was the creation of something a little different than the previous titles, and it happened.

The change was the environment, because pretty much the action of Metal Gear Solid 3 takes place in the Soviet jungle. Yes, a fully open space is something we haven’t seen in the series so far. Both the image and the audio sphere shout loudly in our face that we are dealing with an aggressive environment.

A few steps from the start of the gameplay and you suddenly land in a swamp that has it to itself that sucks us inside without asking your opinion. You leave the swamp after the first shock on a small island to relax from the impressions, and then jebut crocodile knocks you to the first floor. Around the birds chirping merrily, and treacherously green hides the whole range of fauna and flora. That’s not all, because snake is not changed into bear Grylls, and soon discover that the forest is patrolled well known to us guys in the battle with the kalahi and the trumpeters.

Graphics in Metal Gear Solid 3

Graphics in Metal Gear Solid 3The forest is unfortunately not a completely free space after which you can run in all directions because it is basically one path with a few smaller lower legs and unfortunately is interrupted from time to time by short loading screens. Kojimie and the company failed to jump over the PS2’s capabilities, but the graphics quality in Metal Gear Solid 3 is the first League. In the two previous games of the series, we basically ran all the time in the same places. Here, in turn, every step we open new territories, although it will come to us sometimes and enter 2 times in the same river. Metal Gear Solid could not exist without hangars, so that in the future largely fly after them Metal Gear Solid 3: From Russia with love.

An even bigger surprise kojima has prepared when it comes to the time frame of the game. So here is Metal Gear Solid 3 backtracking, us until 40 years relative to the first parts of, and until now this in chronological order, can be further is located part of. So for some, the shock may be the fact that we are controlling the snake again. Moreover, the madmen sent Kojim to use a time machine, but the solution is much more banal and rational.

Neither the time nor the place to tell the details of the story presented in this part, although a little hem I have to cancel. We’re in 1964. We start on a plane that will drop us into the Soviet jungle at any moment. Cold war to the fullest, and Soviet Russia armors with obvious purpose. To thwart at least some of their plans, which may allow even before the third world war, the Snake with a little help, should distract the scientist, who is the brain of the operation aimed at building a tank capable of launching nuclear missiles.

The differences

This time the plot is definitely a step back in regards to the second part, if at all it can be called that. Not so it turned out, confusing or, conversely, exaggerated. It’s a compact story that tracks, with eyes wide open, and that finally throws us to the ground and makes us look in a daze at the final letters. Thus, excited especially the tip in vain to look for in other productions. Absolutely first class and falls only in order to give honor to Kojima in gratitude for it.

The differencesIt seems to me that a little less cut-games in comparison with the previous parts, although, probably, there are also those for which this number will be further, is worthy of condemnation. The animation of the characters and their rich and detailed facial expressions just knock down. The only thing that can irritate is a slight mismatch of lip movements in the form of questions. Like what we have in the early ‚ 60s. this disappears the codec, and in its place there is a radio prototype.

There are no great differences, except that now during the dialogue we can see the photo of the interlocutor. Much less often people call us with every fart, and how they do it usually in order to hold a short and condensed conversation. The para medic recording the state of the game, in turn, likes to talk, but since she’s a passionate cinephile(or rather kojima), she bought me off the spot. Nice to listen to me as he talks about the movies that have today already half a century and more.

A familiar character, checked inventory, changed the arena of action, but in the plus, but something to me here, however, is not enough. Of course, in the upper right corner I do not see the radar, which will indicate to me the position of the enemy. I dig through options, call a friend, do 100 push-UPS, bake a poppy seed and nothing. Like he wasn’t there. I think maybe it someone of the Cossack, maybe it’s saving the us government, and then I realize that it’s 1964, and the radar will not be until the end of the game.

I won’t say I’m happy about it. I will say more, I was quite depressed. Unfortunately, you have to quickly shake and try to find a new situation. Instead, we were given a few gadgets, such as motion sensors or heat goggles. Origin won’t be easy, and it’s hard to adjust to a new way of doing things. The game certainly makes it more challenging and inconspicuous with a series of players, I would not recommend starting with this part. Often we will also rely on a sense of hearing, and the characteristic growing knocking on the floor will let us know that it is better not to lean out now. There’s another side to the coin, because the guards can hear us.


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a European megahit

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a European megahit

Nintendo has been waiting a long time with a bomb offer for 2018. The Japanese have offered a few strong games over the past months, but it’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is one of the productions for which because of this year’s catalog we recommend you to familiarize yourself with the Nintendo Switch. It’s a fight overloaded with content.

You have them all? How you earn

Name Super Smash Bros. Ultimate can be divided into two specific and reflects the meaning of all product elements. We have here the typical Super Smash Bros. that is, beat ‚ em up in rather unusual conditions, which, however, has success after success on the next Nintendo consoles. The second link of the name already refers to the content itself, as the Japanese offered the most extensive game from the universe. The name is almost complete.

You have them all? How you earnBefore I grab your heads and plunge them into the wreckage of this huge content, I have to explain one thing – the Foundation of the newest Nintendo cover is not any revolution compared to previous views. Again on the map there are several players who have health counters, and their filling makes it easier to throw the enemy out of the arena. For some, this is very good news, for others-dark, because it is because of the non-standard approach to the duel, not everyone can lose themselves in the proposal. However, if you belong to this big group that swallows the Nintendo concept without the ashes, then drop all the duties and run to the shops is what you’ve been waiting for.

Probably most of our readers have heard about the dizzying number of 74 fighters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The creators did not lie, throwing into production the immensity of heroes, but at the start we get only eight fighters. What about others? They need work. This is a fantastic idea, which reminded me of my childhood and unlock a consistent fighters in Tekken. Fortunately, this time I don’t need to repeat this process due to the lack of „memorki”-no doubt the developers could use the delicious, directly addictive play element.

The game encourages subsequent sessions, during which we have the opportunity to increase the set of characters, and it is necessary to hint that the unlock of the following characters is carried out in several ways – after the victory of the opponent in full-length mode, after the completion of the classic Smash mode, from time to time, even after the end of the match, we remain wyzwani opponent, and victory in this match will increase the library of personalities. I understand that not everyone will like this idea, although we must admit that the developers have cleverly prepared a mechanics Super Smash Bros. Ultimate overview that goes well with all modes.

Nintendo games only played by the Japanese? Nothing further from the truth

Nintendo games only played by the Japanese? Nothing further from the truthThe list is huge and overloaded with great fighters. „Ultimate” includes all the experts from fooling around with faces from previous views, so we can play, among other things, Mario, Mewtwo, Foxa, Samus, donkey Kong, Zeldę, Lucas, Pac-Man, Captain Falcon, Roy, Lavash, Shulka, Clouda, Bayonettę, Ryu, Snake’a or Sonic… And among the new identities you are, by the way, Dark Samus, Simon, Ken, Inkling, Isabella or „king-size” K. Roola, Ridley and even Incineroara. Not all fall into the Taste of Kowalski, and the next will not please the squire, but one thing is for sure – in the whole mass of 74 warriors you will find at least a dozen, which will play with blissful pleasure.

Here, each has its own unique style, characterized by a series of strengths and weaknesses, so that during the game we learn to use the positive and avoid these negative, but the fun lasts and lasts. And when we are tired? We take one, the other, and the other. I already have some caveats about balance, because curbing such a palette isn’t the easiest, but the creators intend to respond to community suggestions.

A similar amount can be determined by observing the total manufacturer area-96 returned and, at the same time, upiększonych platzkart and seven new arenas-these are numbers that are simply impressive. At the same time, I know that the maps are not the most important of their wide range, and in this case, their quality-here every place can surprise the implementation or active elements. As a result, during the game tired fingers, controlling the main character in areas among other things, from the following universes: Pokemon, Bayonetta, Final Fantasy, Earth, Metroid, the Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, Tomodachi, Nintendo And not you, of course, you can forget about the cult of Mario.

The plot in the fight? A few hours!

The plot in the fight? A few hours!Sites live-move, there are new products, often literally change and as a result on a small screen console or TV with a large screen, we met a palette of beautiful colors. Well, it’s not the most beautiful fighting game of this generation, but the name has its own unique style, which pleases the eye, because – the concept of matches assumptions – in the end, during one fight can compete with him eight characters from different worlds. In addition, the authors are not confused, creating a soundtrack, as for the production dropped more than 800 songs-songs correspond to the characters, so you will hear the sounds of many rozpalających fire in your hearts names. Magic!

Now every good fighting game should have a story mode, so Nintendo decided to create a world of light. This is a completely new version of the game, in which all the characters will be careful because of the bad power, but only Kirby disappeared. „Pink ball”, „walking vacuum cleaner” or „Swallow” became the main hero of the adventure, during which we have the opportunity to move around the huge map and participate in dozens of fights.

When the dial-on-one with the damned, we can in a simple way, to unlock the cover murder, for example, Nessowi your friend will join our heroes and later we can operate in all the other variants. The developers probably did not understand that the running around the location and obijanie opponents tired of even the biggest fanatics Smasha, so we decided, interestingly, a variety of entertainment – in the game we collect „Spirits”. Special heroes we can compare with pokémon, but we have no way to put them in battle, although we can reap a handful of their stats. Spirits get levels, become stronger, at the same time the player gets access to three additional „cards” that allow him to improve some details.